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Hose, cord, and cable reels are an essential component on mobile firefighting systems and the fire stations that house them. Reels are the preferred choice for hose and cord management solutions in the fire and rescue industry, such as in municipal, federal and private fire departments, RIT (Rapid Intervention Teams), and wild land ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) fire apparatus applications. The rapid uncoiling systems of hose reels with the added hose control allow the firefighters and rescue teams to quickly respond and control emergency situations in a timely and safe manner. And to keep the fire fighting force ready for action at a moment’s notice, fire stations equipped with our reels provide the necessary maintenance, while reducing trip hazards in getting hoses up off the ground, all while increasing fire station efficiency.

Coxreels® manufactures the most comprehensive hose, cord, and cable reel lines for all types of fire apparatus (i.e. fire engines, ladders, trucks, utilities, and brush units)
and fire station applications, including but not limited to:

  • Water Hose Booster Reels – for fire suppression on fire vehicles including brush trucks, initial attack vehicles (IAV), ATVs, rescue units, trailers, skid mounted units, pumpers, and tankers.
  • Washdown and Pressure Washing Hose Reels – mounted in fire station bays for washdowns and fluid delivery for ground maintenance in fire stations, fire apparatus and equipment cleaning.
  • Oil/Grease Hose Reels – for emergency response vehicles and equipment maintenance service centers.
  • Electric Cord Reels – mounted in fire apparatus compartments –these reels are designed for power distribution to operate electrical equipment and power tools; they are also mounted on the ceiling of the fire station to provide charging power to emergency vehicles. Power cord reels strategically placed in service areas of the fire station to power tools and light source.
  • Dual Hose Hydraulic Reels – installed in fire apparatus compartments to operate hydraulic spreaders and hydraulic cutters (e.g. Jaws of Life) for rescue operations.
  • HRT – Dual High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Reels for rescue tools on rescue vehicles.
  • Dry Chemical Systems – Twin and Single Agent Hose Reels for systems in combination of either dry chemical agent or water and AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) for CAFS systems (Compressed Aired Foam), dry chemical systems, foam trailer units, and foam skid mounted units.
  • Breathing Air / Utility Air Hose Reels – for pure breathing air or tool air systems on emergency vehicles; also mounted in fire station bays to operate pneumatic tools, tire inflation, and quick clean-up of emergency vehicles of hazardous materials and debris.
  • Portable Reels – stored in fire apparatus vehicles, to transport hose or power cord to the scene of an emergency; also a fast and convenient way to provide wash-downs of equipment and vehicles outside of the fire station.
  • Storage Reels – to store hose, cord, and cable to keep the station neat and efficient.
  • Exhaust Reels – for indoor fire apparatus exhaust removal systems.

Proven reeling solutions for Fire & Safety needs!

Our product line, which is made right here in the USA, leads the industry through performance, technology, and innovation. Some of the key features and benefits that make Coxreels industrial grade and the #1 choice for professionals include robust, steel-welded frames with heavy duty, spun ribbed discs and rolled edges – not stamped, made with first of its kind CNC robotic spinning cell. Exclusive low-profile outlet riser and open drum slot design for flat, smooth hose wrap found in our hand crank and motorized reels. Reliable, direct-gear, chainless drive on motor driven models provides quiet and smooth retraction. Choose from durable, industrial grade, brass swivels and stainless steel fluid path options. Permanently sealed, lubricated pillow block bearings for smooth rotation. Durable proprietary CPC™ powder coat painted and corrosion resistant stainless steel reel variants available. In addition, we offer controlled retraction speed in our spring driven reels, up to 80% slower, thanks to our patented EZ-Coil® Rewind Safety System (on select models) to dramatically increase workplace safety from whipping hazards. These are just some of the great features that differentiate Coxreels from the competition, delivering unparalleled durability and reliability in your reeling system!

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