Posted on Jan 10, 2017

Hose reels are a relatively simple piece of machinery, yet they serve a pivotal function in a variety of different industrial applications, providing safety and added efficiency to any business requiring the use of hose, cord, or cable. Because of the many different circumstances and features encompassed in the variety of reels on the market, it is imperative that you select the best one for your application. Let’s take a closer look at the spring-driven family of hose reels.

Spring driven hose reels, often referred to as spring rewind hose reels, will typically come standard with a locking ratchet and paw that allows the user to pull out the hose to desired length and lock it in place for ease of use. The hose can then be given a pull to release this lock for the reel to retract the hose.Hose

Spring driven hose reels are particularly beneficial because they do not require a power source and can be used essentially anywhere. They also do not require regular maintenance.

Because spring driven hose reels require some strength and labor from the individual utilizing the hose, this may make spring driven reels unsuitable for those physically unable to pull out or properly retract the hose. The use of a motor rewind could be a safer alternative. For this reason, spring driven hose reels are not typically used for extremely long lengths of hose due to the manual labor required to retract the hose.

Applications where you will frequently find spring-driven hose reels:

Wash down, machine shops, service/mechanic/utility vehicles, lubrication, chemical fluid transfer, manufacturing plants and facilities, automotive and fleet service centers, mining, construction, railroad operations, aircraft maintenance, restaurants and commercial kitchens, marine and offshore, welding shops, fire rescue and apparatus, plus many, many more!

There are many different aspects and factors to take into consideration when selecting the proper hose reel for your application. This blog serves to help guide you through the reel selection process. Our next blog will discuss hand crank hose reels.
Erin Collins
Erin Collins

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