SERIOUS INJURY, DEATH & DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY can result from improper selection or improper use of products described in this catalog. Since COXREELS has no control over the number and variety of applications for which its products may be purchased or the conditions under which they may be used, COXREELS liability on any claim, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, for any loss or damage shall in no case exceed the price paid for product or any part thereof which give rise to claim. However, the general information contained herein shall allow the customer to select and assume all responsibility for product acceptability and fitness for specific applications. As always, COXREELS technical assistance and support is available for your convenience.


    The customer, installer, and end users shall, through analysis and testing, assume sole responsibility in making the final selection of reels and accessories. Furthermore, these parties shall hold COXREELS harmless for all liability, claims, suits, and expenses incurred. These parties shall ensure training, performance, endurance, routine inspections, maintenance, safety precautions and warnings regarding the application are enforced at all times. COXREELS is not responsible for use of products in excess of rated and recommended capacities, design functions, or abnormal conditions.


    Coxreels offers a wide variety of accessory items and optional features for its reels. It is the sole responsibility of the customer, installer, and end users to ensure that the proper items and features have been selected to fit the application. Consult with Coxreels technical support for available accessories and optional features which will help you to keep your product safe in its environment. These items may include mountin brackets, guards, guides, and electrical components.


    The customer, installer, and end users shall ensure that all potential users of these products receive continual training and access to all relevantproduct manuals and safety instructions. This information should be thoroughly reviewed prior to installation, stored and reviewed continually during use of the product. Coxreels assumes no responsibility for fitness of installation and continued use in specific applications. Any overhead installations should be such that the reel is not supported solely by bolts under tension. A safety chain or cable is necessary to eliminate potential for damage or personal injury.


    When receiving your products, establish a program for inspection, testing, and periodic replacement of worn items depending on factors such as; severity of application, frequency of equipment use, and past performance indicators. Use only properly trained persons to perform these duties. Update training periodically. Document the maintenance, inspections, and testing of products. Never allow an improperly functioning reel or accessory product to be put into use.

Documented inspections shall include in part, pressurized units, swivel joints, hose, hose fittings, cable, mounting hardware, roller guides and any such moving parts. Never allow the use of hoses or cables other than what is intended in the design of the reel. Changes in diameter, weight, length, or flexibility can affect the function and may cause damage or personal injury. Consult specific product manuals, or factory, with any questions regarding proper mainenance practices.

The use of any replacement components other than those provided by Coxreels is prohibited. Coxreels shall be held harmless from any improper selection of such components which may affect function and overall safety of the product.

NOTE: All designs, specifications, and dimensional data contained in this book are subject to change without notice. No additional warranties, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability for fitness for a particular purpose, are created by the descriptions and depictions of the products on this website.

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