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Coxreels® hose and cord reels are crucial in the power transmission industry when it comes to installing and maintaining machinery, electric lines and transformers as well as telecommunication line management systems. Everyone in modern society relies on electrical transmission more than ever, therefore, the responsibility of delivering consistent power – no matter the generation source (i.e. fossil fuels: gas, coal, or oil; nuclear; or renewable: solar, hydroelectric, wind or otherwise) – to commercial, private and industrial users is of paramount importance. Moreover, with the exponential rise in data transfer throughput demands in modern society, internet service providers and mobile networks, ISP's and cellphone companies have to constantly install, upgrade and maintain their technology infrastructure to provide consistent service to their customers. For that reason alone, you need reeling equipment that is synonymous with quality and reliability. Whether you are a lineman (power-line technician) working on electrically energized (live) and de-energized (dead) power lines, or a technician installing and maintaining internet, telephone, cable/satellite TV and / or fiber optic lines, Coxreels® have the reels ideal to support your needs.

We understand the demanding tasks of working on lines, poles, meters and wiring that deliver the electricity to the end-user. The equipment is exposed to various outdoor elements that can be brutal and is often put through repetitive paces that cause premature breakdowns. Our industrial-grade reels have been designed, engineered, and tested over time to withstand arduous conditions in the power industry and are built tough for longevity. There is an abundance of risks (i.e. high voltage, climbing utility poles, etc.) inherent within the industry – do not let trip hazards add to that risk. With our reeling solutions, you will decrease those risks, all while dramatically increasing safety, efficiency, and effectiveness in your power transmission application.

We have the most complete line of power transmission reels in the market. With numerous models and configurations to choose from, we have a reeling solution to meet the demands and durability you need to get the job done. Our robust pro grade reels, offer a perfect balance of quality and value. Get Coxreels® mounted on your service trucks today!

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Possible Fields of Application:

  • Temporary Power / Light Source
  • Hydraulic Tools / Powerline Cutters
  • Utility Truck Mounted
  • Power Line Cable Storage
  • Service Trucks or Vans
  • Construction Sites
  • Satillite & Cable TV Contractors
  • Utility & Service Providers
  • Power, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Tools
  • Telecommunications / Cellphone Providers
  • Welding (Arc / Gas)
  • Coal, Natural Gas, Nuclear, wind, Hydroelectric, Petroleum Industries
  • Power Grid Utilities Management
  • Electrical Engineer / Electrician Tools and more…

Power Transmission Reels Best Commonly Used:

Dual Hose Hydraulic Reels, Pneumatic Hose Reels, Electric Power Cord Reels, Welding Hose Reels, Welding Cable Reels, Cable Storage Reels, and more...

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Quality Matters.
Every Time.

Quality is at the top of our list for nearly 100 years. Our reel products are durable & reliable –
a long lasting solution.

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Our reels are built strong. We proudly stand behind our reels with an industry-leading warranty.

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Safest Reels in
the Industry.

Eliminate whipping hazards at the worksite. Look for our patented Safety Rewind System on select spring rewind reels.

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Proudly Made
in the USA.

With unparalleled craftsmanship right here in Tempe, Arizona.

The Coxreels Difference:

Our product line, which is made right here in the USA, leads the industry through performance, technology, and innovation. Some of the key features and benefits that make Coxreels industrial grade and the #1 choice for professionals include robust, steel-welded frames with heavy duty, spun ribbed discs and rolled edges – not stamped, made with first of its kind CNC robotic spinning cell. Exclusive low-profile outlet riser and open drum slot design for flat, smooth hose wrap found in our hand crank and motorized reels. Reliable, direct-gear, chainless drive on motor driven models provides quiet and smooth retraction. Choose from durable, industrial grade, brass swivels and stainless steel fluid path options. Permanently sealed, lubricated pillow block bearings for smooth rotation. Durable proprietary CPC™ powder coat painted and corrosion resistant stainless steel reel variants available. In addition, we offer controlled retraction speed in our spring driven reels, up to 80% slower, thanks to our patented EZ-Coil® Rewind Safety System (on select models) to dramatically increase workplace safety from whipping hazards. These are just some of the great features that differentiate Coxreels from the competition, delivering unparalleled durability and reliability in your reeling system!

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