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The industrial and manufacturing industries, both public & private sectors, depend on quality equipment, structures, products and resources created by industrial welding and fabrication. Because there are diverse conditions and specific requirements to contend with when materials are to be joined, we have the versatility in our line of welding hose and cable reels to meet those challenges and get the job done right. Whether you are joining materials that consist of metals or thermoplastics, or employing processes that involve arc or gas welding, we understand that the working conditions can be difficult, and often times, demanding. That is why you need a reeling solution that was meticulously engineered to be by your side with unparalleled durability and reliability. Coxreels® welding reels are the best in the industry. With nearly a century in reel building expertise, you can rest assured knowing you’ll get quality that's built to last.

When welding and cutting are concerned, whether you are working on heavy steel plate fabrication, sheet metal, pipefitting or pipe systems, structural steel fabrication, and field-welding (i.e. cutting, bending, and/or assembling) – Coxreels® has you covered! Have an arc welding job and need a reliable cable reel? Consider one of our arc grounding reels, such as our 1125WCL Series. Need to get the job done with gas welding? No problem... we have numerous hand crank, motorized, or spring driven welding hose reels (i.e. 1275w or EZ-PW Series) to handle long and bulky dual hose coupled with durable Viton® seals and a solid brass swivel with 2 external full-flow fluid paths. Perfect for your Oxy-acetylene gas axe cutter or weld torch! And to add an extra layer of safety at the job site, consider our patented EZ-Coil® line of welding reels, which eliminates whipping hazards and has a slower controlled retraction (up to 80% slower).

Coxreels® welding & fabrication reeling solutions are designed to ensure long life in the toughest environments. Moreover, we have numerous configurations, accessories, and mounting solutions to fit your application. We have the broadest, most complete line of reels, perfectly suited to help you get the job done – efficiently and effectively. We got you covered!

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Possible Fields of Application:

  • Oxy-fuel welding (oxyacetylene welding, oxy welding, or gaswelding)
  • Dual Fuel Welding
  • Automotive / Fleet Maintenance
  • Manufacturing / Repair Shops
  • Railroads
  • Fab Shops (Fabrication)
  • Foundry, Scrap and Demolition Operations
  • Shipbuilding Yards
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Pipelines
  • Garage Settings
  • Mining
  • Joining Pipes
  • Power Plants / Utilities
  • Refineries
  • High-Tech Sector
  • Construction Sites (Buildings, Bridges, Foundation, etc.)

welding & fabrication Reels best Commonly Used:

Water Hose Reels, Air Hose Reels, Lube Hose Reels, Vacuum Hose Reels, Electric Power Cord Reels, Pneumatic Hose Reels, Welding Hose Reels, Welding Cord Reels, Hose or Cable Storage Reels, and more...

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Quality Matters.
Every Time.

Quality is at the top of our list for nearly 100 years. Our reel products are durable & reliable –
a long lasting solution.

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Confidence with

Our reels are built strong. We proudly stand behind our reels with an industry-leading warranty.

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Safest Reels in
the Industry.

Eliminate whipping hazards at the worksite. Look for our patented Safety Rewind System on select spring rewind reels.

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Proudly Made
in the USA.

With unparalleled craftsmanship right here in Tempe, Arizona.

The Coxreels Difference:

Our product line, which is made right here in the USA, leads the industry through performance, technology, and innovation. Some of the key features and benefits that make Coxreels industrial grade and the #1 choice for professionals include robust, steel-welded frames with heavy duty, spun ribbed discs and rolled edges – not stamped, made with first of its kind CNC robotic spinning cell. Exclusive low-profile outlet riser and open drum slot design for flat, smooth hose wrap found in our hand crank and motorized reels. Reliable, direct-gear, chainless drive on motor driven models provides quiet and smooth retraction. Choose from durable, industrial grade, brass swivels and stainless steel fluid path options. Permanently sealed, lubricated pillow block bearings for smooth rotation. Durable proprietary CPC™ powder coat painted and corrosion resistant stainless steel reel variants available. In addition, we offer controlled retraction speed in our spring driven reels, up to 80% slower, thanks to our patented EZ-Coil® Rewind Safety System (on select models) to dramatically increase workplace safety from whipping hazards. These are just some of the great features that differentiate Coxreels from the competition, delivering unparalleled durability and reliability in your reeling system!

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