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Posted by Erin Collins on Sep 19, 2017

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Hose reels are a relatively simple piece of machinery. However, the individual mechanisms within each reel are what individualize each reel. You can find a reel built specific to any industry or application – the possibilities are truly endless. In the event that a reel manufacturer does not carry a reel model tailored to your exact needs, a custom-built* solution, available by some manufacturers, can be implemented to meet your exact needs.

*There are several different specifications that you will need to know prior to requesting a custom reel.


  • Product to be handled (water, air, gas)
  • Temperature and pressure of product
  • ID, OD, and length of the hose
  • Size and thread of the outlet
  • Finish type and color
  • A variety of optional accessories/upgrades: hose stops, guide rollers, etc.

Custom reels can even be built to accommodate:

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  • High-pressure hoses
  • Large diameter hoses
  • Heavy duty hoses and cables
  • Finish type and color
  • Multi-hose cable lines

Above all else, collaboration with the customer is the most vital step in the custom design process.

It may sound obvious, but before contacting a reel manufacturer, do your best to gather as much information as possible and have a detailed idea of exactly what you want your hose reel to accomplish, and in which specific environment.

In a nutshell – the best path to getting the perfect reel combines both collaborative problem solving and independent contemplation with the manufacturer’s internal engineering team, to produce a strong, practical, beautifully designed product.custom reel image

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