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Posted by Coxreels on Apr 24, 2018

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The main purpose of a welding cable reel is to store away long welding cable safely, eliminating trip hazards. This will make your workshop a safe place, as well as reducing wear and tear, ensuring that your expensive welding equipment will last. One of the first items to consider when selecting a welding reel is whether you will need, automatic spring retraction, manual or electric. Manual reels are significantly cheaper than their electrical counterparts, but they take more time and physical effort to retract the cables. Power reels, on the other hand, are more efficient by retracting cables very quickly, although they are the more expensive option. There is also the added factor that power reels need to have access to a power source, so manual reels are the more portable of the two choices.

Whether you choose to buy an auto spring retracting manual welding reel or an electric powered reel, it is a great choice as they all are effective ways of storing cable which will make your workshop a safe, neat place.

Welding cables can be quite heavy – especially very long cables – so you will probably find that reels composed of material other than steel are too flimsy. A sturdy, steel welding reel will not buckle, break or need frequent repairs.

Some of the possible fields of applications for reels in the welding industry are:

  • Oxygen-Acetylene Welding
  • Dual Fuel Welding
  • Welding Service Trucks
  • Manufacturing and Repair Shops
  • Fabrication Shops

Aside from preventing trip hazards, using a welding reel to store your cables will preserve the lifespan of your cables. Overall, welding cable reels are fairly simple pieces of equipment, but don’t leave them as afterthoughts as choosing the right one can have a significant positive impact on your productivity and working environment.

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