Hose Reel Safety: Are you protecting your people and equipment?

Posted by Erin Collins on Feb 7, 2017

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There is no question that trips, falls, and other workplace injuries are still common even in the most heavily regulated work environments. All different types of workplaces utilize hoses and cords for any number of applications, each one carrying potential safety risks. Fortunately, hose reels provide an invaluable opportunity to significantly minimize the workplace hazards created by unmaintained hoses and cords. A hose reel will most certainly be a positive addition to any workplace. However, there are vital features to look for when purchasing a hose reel and these features have the potential to significantly reduce the possibility of workplace injury and may even save a life. One of the most important factors in maintaining a hazard-free workplace is to ensure your reel is operating at a safe rewind speed.

Reels are designed to properly and effectively store and maintain hoses and cords in commercial industrial settings, as well as many types of service trucks and work trucks. Many users overlook the most important benefit hose reels have to offer: operator safety.

Traditionally when conventional spring driven hose reels are used in the workplace, there have always been instances where the operator will pull the hose from the hose reel, lock it off, use it and when finished retract it in an uncontrollable fashion not following safety practices. Unless carefully controlled by the user at all times, there is the tendency for hoses to retract at an unsafe speed, especially if the hose is under significant tension. In this situation, there is also the possibility of the hose whipping around and potentially damaging nearby equipment, the reel itself, or even injuring personnel.

If you are looking for the safest way to retract hoses at your workplace, always consider a reel with a built in safety system that ensures the reel retracts at a safe and steady pace. This feature acts as the ultimate control for hose, cord, and cable whip hazards and will increase productivity and safety in any conceivable application. After all, who isn’t in the market for a safer and more productive work environment?

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