The importance of guide rollers for your hose reel

Posted by Erin Collins on Feb 21, 2017

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Hose reels not only save wear and tear on hoses, extend hose life, but also save time in deployment and retracting. It is incredibly important to choose the correct reel for the application at hand, but it is also important to secure the best accessories to achieve maximum efficiency. Guide rollers are an increasingly sought upon option for manual and motorized hose reels.

guide rollers imageThe primary purpose of a hose guide is to help direct the hose both off and back on to the reel. A hose guide helps keep the hose on the spool during rewinding. There are several types of hose guides available. Some incorporate rollers, while others do not. A level wind feature actually guides the hose back onto the reel in a hands-free manner but is usually not used on manual rewind hose reels.

guide rollers imageSpring driven reels often feature four-way guide rollers. Large frame reels do not usually ship with guide rollers, but they are available. The guide rollers greatly reduce friction and extend the life of the hose. They also soften the transition the hose makes in the event that it is pulled at a sharp angle. Hose guides serve additional purposes as well. They have also been known to turn into more of a grab handle for the user to hold onto while rolling the hose back onto the reel.

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