Hose Reels in the Fire Industry

Posted by Erin Collins on Apr 11, 2017

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For getting large quantities of water to a fire, a fire hose reel is indispensable. Easily bridging large distances up to 30 meters can make the difference between minimal damage and bankruptcy. The saying, “do more with less” is undoubtedly not applicable when discussing safety and organization in our fire stations. When lives are at stake, the right apparatus can make all the difference.

Responding to a distress call within the community and accurately responding in a timely and organized manner is crucial to the success of our fire departments. Firefighters and the communities they serve will find comfort knowing that the fire department is equipped to deal with any kind of emergency at any time – the proper hose and cord reels are most certainly not an exception.

Reeling solutions are used for a multitude of different applications in the fire department, including but not limited to:

  • Water hose reels - mounted to the walls or on portable dolly units - to assist with wash down & power wash inside and outside of the station for decontamination procedures.

  • Booster hose reels - fire booster hose reels are designed to give your firefighting apparatus capabilities for quick response, initial attack with high-volume attack lines when and where it is needed. Dump a lot of water on target with these reels! Thanks to being outfitted with full-flow swivels and plumbing, which achieves considerable high output, you will be able to efficiently attack fires with supercharged performance.

  • Power cord hose reels - to charge the electronics on the fire rescue vehicles.

  • Air hose reels (or nitrogen) - to fill the tires on rescue vehicles.

  • Hydraulic dual hose reels - for mobile operations that require hydraulic rescue tools for emergency rescue or vehicle extrication of crash victims, such as cutters / shears (i.e. jaws of life), spreaders, and rams.

    fire reels image
    fire reels image

Hose reels provide an invaluable measurement of safety in fire stations and rescue vehicles. Fire fighters are under massive amounts of pressure in emergency situations and the proper reels equipped on and off the trucks provide the necessary safety and organization required to reduce the stress level in an emergency situation. Ensuring firefighters have top quality reels to enhance safety and fire station organization is critical to the maintenance of a variety of fire apparatus configurations. Quality matters. Every time!

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