Hand-Crank Hose Reels

Posted by Erin Collins on Dec 13, 2016

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With the invention of hose reels, industrial manufacturers now create different types of hose reels that have unique mechanisms in order to cater to the endless applications requiring hose maintenance and safety. Hose reels differ in terms of product specifications and rewind methods. Hand-crank, otherwise known as manual rewind, reels are ideal for applications requiring shorter lengths of hose where no power source is available. Hand-crank hose reels are also known to be among the most economical of the three major types (spring driven, hand-crank, and motor-driven) of reeling devices.

Hand-crank hose reels use a crank handle attached to the barrel of the reel; a simple turn of the handle causes the barrel to simultaneously turn. It is important to keep in mind that attempting to place a heavy and lengthy hose on a hand-crank hose reel may become too physically intensive. Heavy duty hoses are better suited for motor and spring driven retraction methods.

Applications where you will frequently find hand-crank hose reels:

  • In settings such as: Water supply, wash-down, pressure washing, agricultural spraying, chemical fluid transfer, ground maintenance, farming, construction sites, general landscape/turf care, home gardening, restaurants, industrial plant and ground maintenance, pest and weed control, golf course maintenance, bulk liquid handling, aviation refueling, OEM systems, mining operations, maintenance/repair operations, plus many, many more!
  • Reeling solution for hose types: Low, medium, high pressure hose - air, gas, petroleum products, fuel, lube, water, or chemical; dual hose hydraulic or welding; ribbed vacuum hose or exhaust fume removal; and large diameter hose for booster reels, other high volume transfer and more.

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