Motor Driven Hose Reels

Posted by Erin Collins on Jan 24, 2017

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Motor driven hose reels are the last of the three main types of reels available for the industrial market. Unlike the spring driven and hand crank reels, motor driven, also commonly referred to as automatic retraction, reels can be used for essentially all types of applications and hoses. The most distinguishing variation between different types of motorized hose reels is the power voltage. Power voltage in motorized hose reels can typically range from 12V to 230V.

motor driven reel imageThe style, size, and composition of a hose reel depend on what you are using it for. Hose reels have various capacities. So it is essential to select one that can sufficiently hold the entire length of the hose. With motorized hose reels, there are very few limitations with hose lengths, other than the obvious: the hose must fit the reel. For example, if a hose is placed on a reel too small for the hose capacity, the hose will likely be damaged. Motor driven reels can be used for all applications providing there is a power source available.

Applications where you will frequently find motor-driven hose reels:

  • In settings such as: Water supply, wash-down, pressure washing, agricultural spraying, chemical fluid transfer, ground maintenance, farming, construction sites, general landscape/turf care, home gardening, restaurants, industrial plant and ground maintenance, pest and weed control, golf course maintenance, bulk liquid handling, aviation refueling, OEM systems, mining operations, maintenance/repair operations, plus many, many more!
  • Reeling solution for hose types: Low, medium, high pressure hose - air, gas, petroleum products, fuel, lube, water, or chemical; dual hose hydraulic or welding; ribbed vacuum hose or exhaust fume removal; and large diameter hose for booster reels, other high volume transfer and more.

Motor driven hose reels are known for being the most expensive of the three major categories of reels. An electric/motorized reel may seem like a pricey purchase; however, they are certainly the most hassle free of any reel investment.

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