Why CARC Paint?

Posted by Erin Collins on Sep 26, 2017

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CARC stands for “Chemical Agent Resistance Coating” and is known as the camouflage paint used on military vehicles and equipment. CARC paint is much more than a visual camouflage for tactical vehicles and equipment; it is a critical effort in attempt to increase success on the battlefield. In addition to being a highly effective visual camouflage, CARC paint offers many additional benefits of use.

Benefits to CARC paint:

  • Chemical Resistance: CARC is a non-absorbent material that prevents dangerous chemicals from being absorbed into the coating and potentially damaging a reel. In the event of a chemical attack on military tactical equipment and vehicles, it will be necessary to decontaminate vehicles and equipment. Because damaging chemicals will not be absorbed by the CARC camouflage, it will be much easier to neutralize and sanitize the affected military equipment.
  • Infrared Signature Management: This is one of the least understood, yet most important attributes of the CARC camouflage system. Each of the colors in the CARC camouflage contains a special pigment that camouflages vehicles and equipment when they are engaged in operation. The green pattern in the CARC paint has an infrared signature equal of chlorophyll. When viewed using infrared technology, the vehicles and equipment will blend in with the surrounding environment.

carc paint reels imageThe use of commercial paints and aerosol sprays represent a severe danger to our United States military troops. Not only do these products offer no chemical protection, they also pose a significant threat by creating an infrared hotspot, potentially opening doors for an attack on our U.S. military personnel.

CARC paint is an option provided by select reel manufacturers. Many overlook the key benefits of CARC paint – it is much more than an active camouflage agent. The men and women of our U.S. military are undoubtedly worth the added protection that CARC paint provides.

Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm (California Residents Click Here)

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